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  • 1. How much content is in the database?
  • 2. Can I use Boolean operators?
  • 3. What is an RSS feed?
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Technical Support

Telephone: 1-800-889-5937

When reporting a problem please include your customer name, e-mail address, phone number, domain name or IP address and that of your web proxy server if used.

Browse People

Browse People lists all people in the database alphabetically by last name. An A-Z list allows you to view names beginning with a specific letter. The "All" option displays all people and is the default view when there are fewer than 100 results. There is a drop-down box to limit your options by performers only (includes artists and conductors), authors only, or composers only.

The items column lists the total number of objects in the database related to this person. Click the number shown to see all objects and their associated metadata.

You can jump to a specific person by entering a name in the search box at the top of the people list. Simply enter a name and click Find. To return to the full list of people, click Reset.